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We approach each client as an individual with unique style, ideas, and passion. Our mission is to cultivate the client’s ideas by capturing their vision into our designs. There are no limits or boundaries to the creative process. Our designs, attention to detail, and relationship with our clients ensure a successful event and satisfied client. We pride our company in the fact that we receive not only positive feedback from our served clients, but the many referrals that continue to be sent to us.

Petals Lane was established in 2005 as a wedding and event floral decorator. The focus was to provide individualized attention to creating floral décor for each client’s event. While most of our services take place in Philadelphia and the surrounding tri-state area, we will design in any destination. After fifteen years and thousands of weddings and events; we have established a team of designers, staff, and resources that can provide any décor elements needed for each client’s event: floral décor, lighting, draping, linen, chairs & rentals.

How do we do it?

We design flowers that exhibit combinations of color, texture, and style to capture any desired setting. Discover our Process...

1. Create

Creating beautiful décor begins and ends with the creation stage. Our goal is to understand a starting point and establish each client’s parameters and expectations in order to lay out our approach to their design elements. This focus allows us to set up a guideline in order to develop and grow a simple idea into a beautiful, personalized setting that encompasses the colors, textures, and style of you, our client.

2. Color

Although color may seem to be the star of the show it also creates the base and backdrop in which all of the following details take their shape from. The color is the personality of the client and develops the ambiance of the décor. Bright, bold, and vibrant may bring life to your décor; but soft, neutral, and delicate may be the sophistication one seeks.

3. Texture

Textures are the tone. Once color and idea are combined the textural elements incorporated develop the organic features of one personality. Texture breeds the complexity of layers that cultivate the design. The soft edges of hydrangea and stock may create a beautiful stylish affair, while succulents, berries and reclaimed woods bring organic overtones.

4. Style

Style is the finishing touch that transforms the décor selections into a reflection of the client. This is where the collaboration of each element combines and is shaped to create the feel, the mood of the décor. One can seek elegance and disperse that into a modern, contemporary setting; or into a classic, traditional setting. Every client has a unique style; and once combined with the initial idea, color, and textures, the event comes to life.

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