How to Upcycle Your Wedding Flowers

It comes as no surprise that our number one goal is to make designs that bring joy to our brides and grooms. Whenever we hear that our couples and their guests had a beautiful experience, in part because of our work, it is the greatest compliment we can receive. So, when we learned one of our couples, who got married at The Barnes Foundation, chose to upcycle all of their wedding floristry so that it could continue to bring joy, we knew this was a story worth sharing!

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Founded by Leona and Tom Davis, Forget Me Knot Flowers, is a non profit organization that repurposes and upcycles wedding and event flowers. They re-cut and re-style centerpieces and then hand deliver them those in need. They bring freshly repurposed flowers to nursing homes, hospitals, and womens shelters throughout South Jersey and Philadelphia.



Their daughter was the inspiration for the organization that has since been featured on 6ABC,, Philly in Love Blog, and in the pages of Philadelphia Wedding.

Several years ago when their daughter was getting married, she suggested they find a way to reuse the beautiful flowers, and to perhaps find a way to pay it forward. That sparked the idea for this wonderful non profit that has since delivered 3,000 bedside bouquets and logged more than 1,000 volunteer hours since their inception!

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More and more, couples want their wedding to not only celebrate their union but also their interests and the causes they hold dear.  Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, now Duchess of Sussex upcycled all of their wedding flowers, which were use to make bouquets for hospice patients at Saint Joseph’s in London. And so too did one of our couples, Jessica and Jeffrey. All of their flowers were used to bring smiles to patients and residents at The Ronald McDonald House and the Brooksdale Senior Living Center.


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All deliveries from Forget Me Knot Flowers come with a personalized note that includes the names of the couple who donated their flowers. As they walk the halls of the nursing homes and hospitals, Leona and her team not only give the gift of flowers, but also the gift of time. They stop to converse with the recipients and ask them about their own loves and their own stories.

If you would like to know more, donate your time, and or learn how to donate flowers from your upcoming event, please click here!

Image courtesy of Elizabeth Robertson




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