Summer Wedding Color Combos

Citrus Sunshine

Color is in this season, and people are opting for hues that are bold, beautiful, and cheerful! This citrus inspired color palette is modern, and inviting.

It warms up and celebration, and what is best of all, is that it is affordable. This look allows you to swap out more expensive blooms in favor or more cost effective

options that pack a whole lot of punch without hurting your wallet!

Burnett’s Boards
Burnett’s Boards


Silver and Sage

Everybody knows that gray is the new neutral, and (thankfully) green is ALWAYS in season, so this color combo is the perfect palette because

it adapts to a variety of styles. Rustic luxe, modern minimalist, or simple and chic –

Gray and green are showing no signs of going away, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Images courtesy of Southern Weddings


Jewel Tones

Exotic, vibrant, beautiful. Saturated colors like turquoise, eggplant purple, and fuschia are paired with gorgeous and glittering metallics

for an opulent look that is out of this world. These rich colors add warmth and depth to any occasion;

These colors used to be favored by winter brides, but this bold palette is still a perfect options for warmer months, and we’re so glad that brides agree!

Katie Price Photography 

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