Wedding Feature: Nikki and John

Nikki and John first met in 2008 when both were students at the same high school.Both happened to be in Boston at the same time for separate school trips. When John and his teammates got word that other Radnor students were in Boston, they felt obligated to come to the Model Congress event to say hello as the novelty of having so many high school friends together in a different city was too much to pass up.

John admits, he had his eye on Nikki even then and attempted to approach her, when she beat him to it. John was impressed by Nikki’s confidence and never really forgot it. It would be four years before their paths crossed again. They were both home for the holidays, when they started chatting, and the rest is history!

John was an avid rower, so when it came time to propose, Boathouse Row was going to be the perfect spot. He invited Nikki to come with him under the guise that they would be meeting family at the Art Museum. It was a hot August day, so Nikki wasn’t too keen on making the ten minute walk from the Museum, but after John persisted, she begrudgingly agreed. After walking for a few minutes, John pulled Nikki to the side in front of the beautiful Azalea Garden. It was then that he got down on one knee! It was a total surprise to Nikki, and she said yes immediately!

When it came time to plan the wedding, Nikki knew summer would be ideal. Not only does she love warm weather and being outdoors, she works as a school counselor, and she has summers off. They considered an outdoor venue, but because July weather can be unpredictable, they could not commit to an outdoor venue. When they toured The Kimmel Center, they knew they found their spot. Nikki fell in love with the botanical, green house feel of The Kimmel Center’s Hamilton Garden. This stunning venue was filled with natural light and an amazing view of the city, and glass rooftop atrium was as close as one could get to having an outdoor wedding … inside …with air conditioning!

Nikki wanted neutral colors to complement the existing potted plants that lined the room. Blush pink, green, and white were the colors were clear compliments, but she chose a pop of magenta to add some dimension to the florals and really make the bouquets and centerpieces stand out!

While the entire day was a dream, for both John and Nikki, their most cherished moment was their exchange of vows. Both were so excited to share their words with one another, and it is a moment they will cherish forever!!

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