What The Modern Bride Is Looking For From Her Wedding Photographer

While there isn’t one “right” way to photograph a wedding, we have definitely noticed a shift in the kinds of pictures many of clients are requesting, so we thought it would be helpful to share what the modern bride seems to be looking for these days from her wedding photographer!


Reportage, which is also referred to as Documentary Wedding Photography, is an increasingly popular style of wedding photography. Many couples are less interested in formal, staged photographs of themselves, or their family, and are instead interesting in having the photographer capture those unscripted moments and the emotion within it.

Images Courtesy of Alison Conklin


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First Looks

This popular option isn’t just reserved for the bride and groom anymore! First looks are all about capturing the genuine joy, surprise, and love that exists when that special person sees the bride for the first time – It can be the groom, of course, but it can also be the father of the bride seeing his ‘little girl’ in her gown, or the bridal attendants getting their first glimpse of their sister/cousin/best friend.

Images Courtesy of Alison Conklin




Unique Camera Angles

Photographers have a gift for literally and figuratively seeing the world from a different perspective! More and more brides are asking photographers to tap into that ability and get shots that not only illustrate the couple, but also their environment.

Images Courtesy of Hoffer Photography


The Wow Factor

Posed portraits will always have a place in wedding photography, and for good reason, but couples these days aren’t interested in a stage shot in mom’s living room … They want the wow factor! Whether it’s dramatic lighting, a unique backdrop, or Mother Nature herself, brides and grooms want their photographs to stand out in the crowd.

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