The Mad Tea Party- People’s Choice

After all the hours and flowers, Petals Lane’s ‘The Mad Tea Party; display took home multiple awards at the 2013 Philadelphia Flower Show.  The display was awarded with four awards: the Phyllis M. Craig Award to the major floral exhibit demonstrating  the best use of color in flowering and/or foliage plants in an innovative or unique design, An award from the Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania, an Achievement award for design and also The People’s Choice award voted by the attendees of the floral show.

In creating the display the intention was to create beautiful floral arrangements in a display that told the story.  With the use of many small details it gave all who came a steady dose of new discovery’s. “Every time I go around the exhibit I see new things”  said one of many onlookers.  Alongside, the floral arrangements, custom linens and mismatched details that Brittany cleverly pieced together, the amazing Bronze figures created by Wonderland Bronze of Dorset, England completed the exhibits storyesque quality.

More pictures as well as video to come soon



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