One on One with Whipped Bakeshop!

There are many perks to this amazing job of ours, but undoubtedly one of the best is getting to know and befriend talented individuals who are masters of their craft! This title is particularly true for  Zoe Lukas, Founder of Whipped Bakeshop! With over 31,000 followers on Instagram and credits that include making treats for the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Drew Barrymore, and Beyonce (!), it is safe to say, Zoe knows a thing or two about cakes! Zoe and her team are as kind as they are talented, so it is always a treat to work with them. We had the chance to chat with Zoe and pick her brain about wedding trends and tips for all you brides and grooms planning your big day!

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Winter Weddings: Ideas and Inspirations

For winter weddings, there are so many beautiful directions your wedding can take. Whether you want to embrace the colors of the season, or favor a winter wonderland, here are some tried and true ways to maximize this wonderful wedding season!


People who elect to get married in the winter, often do so because they feel connected to the way this season makes them feel … so for a winter wedding, it is always a good idea to feature seasonal details! Whether it’s a beautiful fireplace, birch and pine, or twinkling lights, fill the space with elements that exude warmth and a nod to the time of year.

Rachel Pearlman Photography
Rachel Pearlman Photography


Want to deck the halls for your winter wedding? There are so many ways to tastefully incorporate the colors of the season into your big day. From festive invitations to bouquets filled with freesia and hypericum berries – to tables strewn with boughs of holly – these are sure fire ways to make any wedding feel festive!

Rachel Pearlman Photography
Rachel Pearlman Photography


A monochromatic theme is a luxe and modern way to play up the winter season. Baby’s breath, anemonies, roses, and woodland inspired décor is a stunning option.

Asya Photography


Asya Photography
Asya Photography
Alison Conklin Photography



Nothing says “cozy winter wedding” like faux fur or pretty plaids! Whether worn by the bride, or incorporated into your invitations – don’t be afraid to experiment with fabric as a key design element!

Rachel Pearlman Photography
Rachel Pearlman Photography
Asya Photography


Eye-catching prints are also on trend – Winterize the looks by using rich, and moody colors, and empower your bridesmaids to stand out from the crowd!

We Laugh We Love Photography


What better way to start of the new year than to celebrate your wedding with those you love most? A little glitz, a little glam, a little sparkle, a little shine – Black and Gold accents are the perfect choices for an elegant New Year’s Eve soiree!

Alison Conklin Photography


Asya Photography

Asya Photography


All Floral Designs By Petals Lane Inc. 

Wedding Feature: Nikki and John

Nikki and John first met in 2008 when both were students at the same high school.Both happened to be in Boston at the same time for separate school trips. When John and his teammates got word that other Radnor students were in Boston, they felt obligated to come to the Model Congress event to say hello as the novelty of having so many high school friends together in a different city was too much to pass up.

John admits, he had his eye on Nikki even then and attempted to approach her, when she beat him to it. John was impressed by Nikki’s confidence and never really forgot it. It would be four years before their paths crossed again. They were both home for the holidays, when they started chatting, and the rest is history!

John was an avid rower, so when it came time to propose, Boathouse Row was going to be the perfect spot. He invited Nikki to come with him under the guise that they would be meeting family at the Art Museum. It was a hot August day, so Nikki wasn’t too keen on making the ten minute walk from the Museum, but after John persisted, she begrudgingly agreed. After walking for a few minutes, John pulled Nikki to the side in front of the beautiful Azalea Garden. It was then that he got down on one knee! It was a total surprise to Nikki, and she said yes immediately!

When it came time to plan the wedding, Nikki knew summer would be ideal. Not only does she love warm weather and being outdoors, she works as a school counselor, and she has summers off. They considered an outdoor venue, but because July weather can be unpredictable, they could not commit to an outdoor venue. When they toured The Kimmel Center, they knew they found their spot. Nikki fell in love with the botanical, green house feel of The Kimmel Center’s Hamilton Garden. This stunning venue was filled with natural light and an amazing view of the city, and glass rooftop atrium was as close as one could get to having an outdoor wedding … inside …with air conditioning!

Nikki wanted neutral colors to complement the existing potted plants that lined the room. Blush pink, green, and white were the colors were clear compliments, but she chose a pop of magenta to add some dimension to the florals and really make the bouquets and centerpieces stand out!

While the entire day was a dream, for both John and Nikki, their most cherished moment was their exchange of vows. Both were so excited to share their words with one another, and it is a moment they will cherish forever!!

How To Personalize Your Wedding!

Love is love! But that doesn’t mean a wedding is a wedding. All weddings, no matter the couple, celebrate and honor the love between two people. They invite us to bear witness to the promises the couple make to one another, and they can also invite us to bear witness to the things the couple value most.

For some couples, that means having the opportunity to do something totally unique and modern. For others, it means sharing in the same customs and traditions as their loved ones. For many, it means a little bit of both. Whether you want to put a personal spin on tradition, or completely buck the trend, we have some ideas to help you create a day that honors who you are and who you love!


Bespoke Stationary 

The stationary for your wedding is a wonderful way to add a personal touch! Invitations allow you to not only infuse your color scheme, but beautiful imagery of your floral selections, venue, and even theme! It’s like giving your guests a sneak peak of the big day! Whether you want something soft and subtle or bold and bright, have fun with your stationary and make it truly yours!

Invitations by Fleurish Ink  & Image Courtesy of Alison Conklin


Invitations by Fleurish Ink  & Image Courtesy of Alison Conklin


Invitation by Papery of Philly


Invitation by Papery of Philly                            Photo Courtesy of Marenco Photo

Ceremony Decor

Ceremony decor is a great way personalize your wedding. Monogrammed welcome boards or even dance floors are a sure fire way to welcome your guests while adding a bit of your own personality.

Image Courtesy of Salt and Cedar Photography


Courtesy of Philip Gabriel Photography


Courtesy We Laugh We Love

Photo Ops

Have a favorite food? How about a favorite mascot? Who doesn’t like donuts?!  – Whether you’re saying I do in an intimate indoor ceremony or an outdoor gathering, showcase the things that you as a couple truly enjoy!

Courtesy of Rafal Ostrowski Photo


Courtesy of Marenco Photo


Courtesy of Philip Gabriel Photography

Katie And Kyle’s Fun and Festive Wedding Shower

Katie and Kyle are such a fun loving couple, and their wedding shower was a reflection of their joyful spirit! Colorful, creative, and super cool, this shower hit all the

right notes – Personalized marquis’ signage and balloons – specialty food and drinks – fiesta inspired flowers – a one of a kind cake – and of course, family and friends –

made it a night of true celebration! We cannot wait to watch this couple celebrate their nuptials and become husband and wife <3

A big thank you to the talented team who helped bring this whole evening together!

Photography – Marenco Photography

Florals – Petals Lane Inc 

Planning – Truly You Events 

Venue – Distrito 

Catering – Garces Events 

Cake – Whipped Bake Shop 

Paper Goods – Papery of Philly

Balloons – Papertini

Live Painting – handpaintedweddings


Wedding Gowns: What’s In Style

Thousands of dresses hit the runway last month for 2019’s Bridal Fashion Week, and we’re here to share with you some of the top trends you need to know about this season!

Image Courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar


The first major trend we noticed is the use of dramatic necklines! Elizabethan collars, turtlenecks, and high necklines are a sharp break from the plunging necklines that have been so popular in recent years. Every bit of dramatic, these necklines allow for a more modest cut that doesn’t sacrifice fashion.

From left: Vera Wang Bride; Sandra Mansour (top); Viktor & Rolf Bridal; Valentino Haute Couture; Oscar de la Renta Bridal Fall 2019
Jenny Packham


The next trend we noticed is the strong presence of floral gowns. While flowers on wedding dresses isn’t exactly a groundbreaking concept, the use of saturated colors and bold appliques is a new take on a classic concept. According to Harper’s Bazaar,  “this isn’t just about lace, or incorporating wildflower-printed bridesmaids gowns into your party— blooms are more over-the-top than ever before.”



Image Courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar


Image Courtesy of Alison Conklin


One trend we are loving right now is the super modern jumpsuit, and it was everywhere at fashion week. Versatile, Modern, Chic – These casual ensembles are no longer limited to those who prefer a small, courthouse wedding. Many brides are wearing more than one outfit on their big days, and these jumpsuits are the perfect encore outfit.

Mira Zwillinger


Wtoo By Waters


Viktor Rolf


Last, but certainly not least, are bold bows. Like florals, a bow in and of itself isn’t something new or exciting – but the way they are being incorporated this season certainly is! Bows this season  are not used merely as an accent but rather a piece that makes a statement; In some cases it is the sheer volume and scope of the bow; in other cases, the color and contrast it creates. Here are some showstoppers that really stood out! 



Caolina Herrera 

Summer Wedding Color Combos

Citrus Sunshine

Color is in this season, and people are opting for hues that are bold, beautiful, and cheerful! This citrus inspired color palette is modern, and inviting.

It warms up and celebration, and what is best of all, is that it is affordable. This look allows you to swap out more expensive blooms in favor or more cost effective

options that pack a whole lot of punch without hurting your wallet!

Burnett’s Boards
Burnett’s Boards


Silver and Sage

Everybody knows that gray is the new neutral, and (thankfully) green is ALWAYS in season, so this color combo is the perfect palette because

it adapts to a variety of styles. Rustic luxe, modern minimalist, or simple and chic –

Gray and green are showing no signs of going away, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Images courtesy of Southern Weddings


Jewel Tones

Exotic, vibrant, beautiful. Saturated colors like turquoise, eggplant purple, and fuschia are paired with gorgeous and glittering metallics

for an opulent look that is out of this world. These rich colors add warmth and depth to any occasion;

These colors used to be favored by winter brides, but this bold palette is still a perfect options for warmer months, and we’re so glad that brides agree!

Katie Price Photography 

What The Modern Bride Is Looking For From Her Wedding Photographer

While there isn’t one “right” way to photograph a wedding, we have definitely noticed a shift in the kinds of pictures many of clients are requesting, so we thought it would be helpful to share what the modern bride seems to be looking for these days from her wedding photographer!


Reportage, which is also referred to as Documentary Wedding Photography, is an increasingly popular style of wedding photography. Many couples are less interested in formal, staged photographs of themselves, or their family, and are instead interesting in having the photographer capture those unscripted moments and the emotion within it.

Images Courtesy of Alison Conklin


Images Courtesy of Bri Johnson Photography




First Looks

This popular option isn’t just reserved for the bride and groom anymore! First looks are all about capturing the genuine joy, surprise, and love that exists when that special person sees the bride for the first time – It can be the groom, of course, but it can also be the father of the bride seeing his ‘little girl’ in her gown, or the bridal attendants getting their first glimpse of their sister/cousin/best friend.

Images Courtesy of Alison Conklin




Unique Camera Angles

Photographers have a gift for literally and figuratively seeing the world from a different perspective! More and more brides are asking photographers to tap into that ability and get shots that not only illustrate the couple, but also their environment.

Images Courtesy of Hoffer Photography


The Wow Factor

Posed portraits will always have a place in wedding photography, and for good reason, but couples these days aren’t interested in a stage shot in mom’s living room … They want the wow factor! Whether it’s dramatic lighting, a unique backdrop, or Mother Nature herself, brides and grooms want their photographs to stand out in the crowd.

Images Courtesy of Emily Wren



 ***All Florals By Petals Lane *** 

Wedding Feature: Alyssa & Stephen

If you had to name Alyssa and Stephen’s wedding style, it would be ethereal – It was like a big, beautiful breath of fresh air! Crisp white and ivory dominated the color scheme, while subtle hints of soft pink that only added to the romance. Navy accents served as the perfect compliment. Big, beautiful wreaths adorned their ceremony, and the reception was filled with canopied centerpieces and candlelight – It was truly like a lovely walk in the clouds. We wish this beautiful coouple a lifetime of happiness!

All images are courtesy of Rafal Ostrosky Photography. See below for complete list of wedding vendors.


Planning – The Styled Bride

Florist – Petals Lane 

Dress – Romona Keveza 

Shoe – Badgley  Mischka 

Bridesmaids – Eliza J via Bloomingdales

Photographer – Rafal Ostrofsky

Cinematography – Cinema Cake

Makeup – Beke Beau Makeup

Band – Sid Miller Dance Band

Venue – Ballroom at Ellis Preserve

Catering – Finley Catering



Summer Wedding Style

The rules are … there are no rules! As summer weddings fast approach, we love that more and more brides are embracing their artistic side, and experimenting with color, texture, and form.

Just because you use a certain color scheme in your bouquet, doesn’t mean your married (pun intended!) to those colors for your entire wedding! So much beauty can be found when you add dimension to your space, and one of the best ways to do that is to add layers. As these images prove, dusty rose and citrus colors can indeed be complimentary; You can never, ever have too much green, and a bride can be equally beautiful rockin’ a pantsuit and bold lip as she is donning a classic gown.

Throw everything you think you ‘have to do’ out the window, and curate the feeling you want to evoke — We’re here to help you bring your magic to life!

These images would not be possible without the work of these incredibly talented experts:

Photography – Tyler Boye 

Florals – Petals Lane

Make Up – Beke Beau

Hair – Amanda D’Andrea Hair 

Gowns – The Wedding Shoppe 

Bride – Ava Rudawsky via Reinhard 

Groom – Austin Samschick via Reinhard

Venue – Osteria 

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