Wedding Gowns: What’s In Style

Thousands of dresses hit the runway last month for 2019’s Bridal Fashion Week, and we’re here to share with you some of the top trends you need to know about this season!

Image Courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar


The first major trend we noticed is the use of dramatic necklines! Elizabethan collars, turtlenecks, and high necklines are a sharp break from the plunging necklines that have been so popular in recent years. Every bit of dramatic, these necklines allow for a more modest cut that doesn’t sacrifice fashion.

From left: Vera Wang Bride; Sandra Mansour (top); Viktor & Rolf Bridal; Valentino Haute Couture; Oscar de la Renta Bridal Fall 2019
Jenny Packham


The next trend we noticed is the strong presence of floral gowns. While flowers on wedding dresses isn’t exactly a groundbreaking concept, the use of saturated colors and bold appliques is a new take on a classic concept. According to Harper’s Bazaar,  “this isn’t just about lace, or incorporating wildflower-printed bridesmaids gowns into your party— blooms are more over-the-top than ever before.”



Image Courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar


Image Courtesy of Alison Conklin


One trend we are loving right now is the super modern jumpsuit, and it was everywhere at fashion week. Versatile, Modern, Chic – These casual ensembles are no longer limited to those who prefer a small, courthouse wedding. Many brides are wearing more than one outfit on their big days, and these jumpsuits are the perfect encore outfit.

Mira Zwillinger


Wtoo By Waters


Viktor Rolf


Last, but certainly not least, are bold bows. Like florals, a bow in and of itself isn’t something new or exciting – but the way they are being incorporated this season certainly is! Bows this season  are not used merely as an accent but rather a piece that makes a statement; In some cases it is the sheer volume and scope of the bow; in other cases, the color and contrast it creates. Here are some showstoppers that really stood out! 



Caolina Herrera 

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