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There are many perks to this amazing job of ours, but undoubtedly one of the best is getting to know and befriend talented individuals who are masters of their craft! This title is particularly true for  Zoe Lukas, Founder of Whipped Bakeshop! With over 31,000 followers on Instagram and credits that include making treats for the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Drew Barrymore, and Beyonce (!), it is safe to say, Zoe knows a thing or two about cakes! Zoe and her team are as kind as they are talented, so it is always a treat to work with them. We had the chance to chat with Zoe and pick her brain about wedding trends and tips for all you brides and grooms planning your big day!


  1. Could you tell me a little bit about yourself, and what led you to the wonderful world of baking

I started baking more and more after college, and sharing treats with co-workers and family became a fairly regular occurrence. I had it in mind that I wanted to use my painting degree with food to eventually open a bakery or cafe. When my husband and I moved to Philly so he could attend grad school at Temple, I started by apprenticing at a local bakery, and then landed several subsequent positions in different bakeries. I continued to hone my craft for family and friends while working my day jobs. Eventually my cakes and cookies began to get noticed online and I got some great press, which helped to kickstart Whipped Bakeshop into becoming a reality!

2- How have wedding cakes evolved in the last few years?

Trends that have been around for a little while include cakes that have finishes inspired by interior design surfaces, like stone, concrete, tile and marble, which can make for a very chic and modern cake! I have also been noticing more and more painted buttercream cakes (some abstract and some with a patterned motif). We also make many cakes that have extra tall tiers, which gives a modern, dramatic look to both tiered and single-tiered cakes.  



3- What was/were the biggest wedding cake trend(s) this past year – in 2019?

Lots of color and texture have been popping onto the scene lately, and we love it! 

4- From our perspective, the wedding cake is one of the best ways for a couple to really showcase something they love – be it a design, flavor, or even a hobby! How have you seen couples get creative with their cakes – for the big day or for a party leading up to it?

We have definitely had several couples incorporate their furry family members into cake designs and as cookie favors! Not only are people’s beloved pets often part of the ceremony, we sometimes get to create their likeness as a cake topper. I am also a proponent of couple’s choosing their favorite flavor of cake, and not trying to just please the bulk of their guests – go for that cardamom-espresso cake or the one filled with blueberry curd —it’s your day!

5- If you could give engaged couples one piece of advice with regards to their wedding cake, what would it be?

Have an open mind and listen to the expertise of your baker/cake designer! We find clients that give us the flexibility to make small adjustments to a design at the time the cake is actually being made often get the most magical result. This goes for other vendors as well – listen to the experts that you hired  – they do this for a living!





Images courtesy of Whipped Bakeshop 


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