Married At First Sight Season 8

As wedding florists, our focus, of course, is bringing to life beautiful floral designs for a wedding – But we understand that this wedding is a day to commemorate and celebrate a long standing relationship that we hope will last a lifetime.

When we first started designing wedding flowers, we would hear updates about our couples “the old fashioned way” – a bride would refer a friend, and she would offer us news about how the couple was doing, or a bride’s mom would call and ask us to make flowers for a baby shower 🙂

With the rise of social media, were are fortunate to be able to keep tabs so to speak on many of our couples as they share images from their honeymoon, post baby announcements or home purchases, etc.

Never have we had any, let alone four (!) of our couples, followed by TV cameras to document the trials and tribulations of their marriage … but that has been the case for us this year as we were selected to be the florist for Season 8 of Lifetime TV’s Married at First Sight!

< Photography courtesy of The Harrison Studios >


We are used to multitasking and balancing more than one event in a weekend, but even for us, four weddings in four days was quite a fete! We were thrilled to have the opportunity to try something completely new, and it was fun to collaborate and create four completely different looks for four brides.

As we all know, the wedding is just one day. It is what happens every day after that that determines what comes next. As we head into the finale of Married at First Sight, we are eager to see which of these couples will truly get their happily ever after! Who do you think will make it?!


Jasmine and Will



Stephanie and AJ


Kristina and Kieth


Kate and Luke

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